Watson Institute


Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

The Watson Institute is a community of scholars whose work aims to help us understand and address the world’s great challenges, such as globalization, economic uncertainty, security threats, environmental degradation, and poverty. Focusing on three main areas – development, security, and governance – the Institute leverages Brown’s tradition of true interdisciplinarity to foster innovative, policy-relevant scholarly activities. From Latin America to China, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, the strongest theoretical models emerge through observations in the field.

布朗大学沃特森国际研究所旨在通过研究,教学和公众参与来促进公正与和平的世界。Watson Institute的学者们主要的工作目的是了解和解决国际社会所面临挑战,如全球化、经济不确定性、安全威胁、环境恶化和贫困问题。Watson Institute专注于三个主要领域 – 发展,安全和治理, 并以此延续着布朗大学凭借真正的跨学科研究来促进前沿的、与政策相关的学术活动的传统 。从拉丁美洲到中国,从中东到东南亚,Watson Institute 最有力的理论模型来自于其在学术领域里的独到观察。http://watson.brown.edu/about