Technology & Entrepreneurship Panel

科技分论坛 Technology & Entrepreneurship Panel

From Made in China to Innovated in China
How Chinese Technology and Entrepreneurship Connects to the World

Technology & Entrepreneurship Panel will focus on the evolution from “Made in China” to “Innovated in China” and how “massive entrepreneurship and innovation” generates enormous power for China’s economy. With the growing contacts between China and other countries, Chinese high-tech companies no longer stand on the sideline; rather, they actively pursue integration into the global market through overseas IPOs, international mergers, and acquisitions. While becoming part of the world, Chinese high-tech companies not only lead the transition from “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”, but are also well on their way to changing the world. As technological advance is inseperable from sucessful entreprenuership, the Chinese governemnt has also emphasized “Massive Entrepreneurship and Innovation” as a national strategy to boost the development of economy in the context of “New Normal”. We hope that through our discussion, we can gain deeper insights into how high-tech companies deal with their strengths and weaknesses, how experienced Brown alums think about “massive entrepreneurship and innovation”, and how they make their way to change the world.

中国已然成长为世界第二大经济体 , 与世界的经济联系越来越紧密。面对中国与海外日 益繁多的接触 , 中国的科技、网络企业不再独善其身 , 纷纷通过自己的方式融入世界。更有一些 公司直接拓展海外市场 , 与国际巨头一争高下。融入世界的同时 , 中国新型企业通过自身的科技 创新 , 不仅引导了中国从”中国制造”到“中国创造”的变革 , 还走上了改变世界的道路。经济 新常态下,国家提出让“大众创业、万众创新”成为中国经济新的发动机,并推出一系列政策 措施鼓励创业。如何在新常态的大背景下看待创业与创新?如何看清机遇,认清挑战,在创业 与创新面前作出合理的选择?科技与创业论坛的嘉宾在新兴科技领域和成功创业上有着非凡的 成就和经验,也有着生存发展道路上自己的酸甜苦辣。我们希望通过分论坛上嘉宾的真挚分享 和讨论,帮助在美师生深入了解中国的科技企业如何看待自身在国际竞争中的优势与劣势,如 何运用自身科技技术改变世界。一同在思想的碰撞中找寻让“中国创造”乘改革新常态的风帆 破浪的前途,一同把握住“大众创业、万众创新”的未来和方向。

We are expecting four guest speakers on the panel, and each will give a speech for about 20 minutes. We would highly encourage guest speakers to use relevant pictures, photographs or other visual materials to enhance the interaction with the audience.

In this years Technology panel, we would like to hear about how each speaker’s own experiences reflect certain aspects in the development of Chinese technology, and in turn, how Chinese technology changed China, and the world.

Panel Format

  • Welcome! (3 min)
  • Guest Speakers’ Speeches (~20 min each)
    • Moderator Discussion with guest speakers (~5 min each)
    • Audience Questions and Answers with Guest Speakers (20 min)
  • Buffer time (5 min)

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