Edward Steinfeld – Advisor


李轶谋 Yimou Li – Co-President

Yimou is a Brown sophomore concentrating in Applied Math-Economics. He is interested in international relations, particularly applications of economic theories to real-world phenomena of global significance. He was born in Xingtai, raised in Qinhuangdao, and went to high school in Shijiazhuang. He is proud of his hometown, Hebei. Yimou studied at UWCRCN in Flekke, Norway. Yimou worked as co-leader of the Living for Environment And Future Project (Norway), chaired Youth for Aids Awareness (Norway/South Africa), and participated in Alibaba’s Global Dreamer Internship Program. In addition to BCS, he is Vice President of Brown Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Student Ambassador at Brown’s Office of Global Engagement and Brown International Student Committee, and works in the Initiate Development for Education And Service Foundation. He loves badminton, basketball, swimming, and skiing.


何铭健 Mingjian He – Co-President

Mingjian He is a sophomore and potential concentrator in psychology at Brown University. Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Provice, he graduated from Dulwich College International High School Program in Suzhou, after which he enrolled in Brown University. Mingjian is interested a brain and psychological knowledge a lot; apart from academic passion, he swims on a regular base and enjoys playing computer games with friends. Mingjian loves traveling and photography and is always open to new friends.


罗富元 Fuyuan Luo – Operations, Public Policy Panel

Fuyuan(Arrya) Luo is a freshman in Brown University. She’s interested in International Relations and Political Science. Born and raised in Chengdu, Arrya made a whimsical decision in sophomore year in high school to study abroad for college. She loves world affairs and politics, and is eager to hear about other people’s opinions. She also enjoys horse riding, hiking and reading. The Song of Ice and Fire is her favorite book series by now. Arrya believes that Brown China Summit is a great platform for students, scholars and entrepreneurs to reflect on China’s past and discuss about China’s future. She’s looking forward to see everyone in April!

Emily Schell – Public Relations, Education Panel

Emily Schell is a junior concentrating in East Asian Studies and International Relations hailing from Burke, Virginia. She is interested in education policy in China, particularly in regards to lack of quality educational opportunities for China’s migrant communities. In addition to being Publicity Director and Education Panel Coordinator for BCS, she is a Woman Peer Counselor, Campus Ambassador at Teach For China, founder of Stand Up!, an educational group against sexual assault, and on the Executive Board for the Bruin Club, the Brown Admission Office’s student-run arm. When she’s not going from place to place doing all of these things, she enjoys jazz music, good movies, and running.

闻雯 Wen Wen – Public Relations, Public Policy Penal

张良之 Liangzhi Zhang – Public Relations, Public Policy Penal


朱思玛 Sima Zhu – Information Technology

Sima Zhu is currently a second-year computer science master’s degree student at Brown University. She was born and grown up in Changchun, China. Because of her brilliant IT skills, she was selected as IT director of Brown China Summit 2014. She enjoys playing chess, traveling, and learning new swimming during her free time.


刘佳妮 Apple Jiani Liu – Art Panel

Apple Jiani Liu is a senior at Brown University double concentrating in applied mathematics-economics and East Asian studies. In high school, she wrote in her Brown application essay that one day she wants to become the bridge between China and United States. It is her ‘Chinese dream’ to enhance the communication between China, and hopefully, the rest of the world. Brown China Summit is a good opportunity for both speakers and delegates to know more about both sides. In the summit, we embrace different ideas, perspectives, values, and dreams. Looking forward to meeting everyone this April!

Sarah-Eve Dill – Art Panel


韩卓非 Zhuofei Han – Hi-Tech Panel

HAN Zhuofei is currently a first year Master student at Brown University, majoring in Engineering and concentrating on energy material and mechanics. He was born and raised in the city of Xi’an, graduated form Mechanical Engineering department at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He enjoys spending his spare time in photography, reading, watching movies and discovering new music.


邵启明 Qiming Shao – Hi-Tech Panel

Qiming Shao is currently a first-year master student in computer science at Brown University. He was born in Weihai, Shandong, China. Qiming got his bachelor degree from University of Arizona, double major in mathematics and computer science. Qiming is interested in software development and data science. In his spare time, Qiming loves travelling, swimming and meeting friends.


刘吉佺 Jiquan Liu – Public Policy Panel

Jiquan Liu is currently a first-year master of public policy student at Brown University. She graduated from Renmin University of China with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She also studied as an exchange student at University of California, Davis for one year. During her spare time, Jiquan enjoys playing the pipa, traveling, reading and painting. Her academic focus is on economic policy and economic development, and her dream is to be an international civil servant.


高海纯 Haichun Gao – Public Policy Panel

Haichun Gao is a junior majoring in economics and sociology at Brown University. She is passionate about the intricacies of social entrepreneurship and non-profit organization. Besides being involved in Women in Business and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at Brown, she is also the founder and president of Co-link Environmental Organization, which is an international non-profit organization dedicated to raising people’s awareness of environmental issues and promote potential solutions; the group also raises funds to support environmental causes. In her free time, she enjoys painting, playing Chinese dulcimer, tennis, and lacrosse.

韩凌霄 Lingxiao Han – Education Panel

Lingxiao Han is currently a sophomore concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Economics. Born and raised in Beijing, he graduated from the Affiliated High School of Peking University, a pioneer in China’s education reform. He joined BCS to further expend his enthusiasm in Chinese education. He loves Manchester United and loves playing soccer, golf and exploring new music during his free time.


Agnes Chan – Education Panel

Agnes Chan is a freshman at Brown University pursuing a double concentration in English and International Relations. Growing up in Hong Kong and attending an international school there made her acutely aware of the differences between the Chinese and American education systems. She joined BCS with the hopes of better understanding the future of education in China, and engaging with the Chinese community at Brown. She loves reading and writing, and is a reporter at the Brown Daily Herald.


施政 Zheng Shi – Alumni Relations

Zheng Shi is currently a freshman at Brown University. She is interested in Applied Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science. Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, she had two years of high school at United World College of Atlantic (UWC AC) in Wales, UK. Prior to working for Brown China Summit, she contributed to the establishment of the Global Faculty in UWC AC and led several activities to spread Chinese culture, such as Chinese Art. As one of the panel directors, she wishes to bring audience more thoughts on the “New Normal” of China and she is looking forward to meeting everyone this April!

Gabrielle (Shannon) Frampton – Alumni Relations



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