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China’s Green GDP

The conflict between China’s economic development and environmental problems has triggered heated discussions around the world. While Chinese people are enjoying the high-speed railways, condominiums and overpasses, they wear protective masks, use air cleaners, and check PM 2.5 readings everyday. Pollution regulation has become an urgent and pressing task for Chinese government. More and more experts and scholars are calling for exploration into new and promising economic growth areas, as well as promotion of green, circular, low-carbon and energy-efficient development patterns.

In the effort to combat the deteriorating environment in China, we have witnessed the emergence of stricter government policies and the rise of civil society NGOs. What actions has the Chinese government taken so far? What other efficient and feasible measures can we expect from the government? Can NGOs operate the same way in China as they do in western countries?  Can they really contribute to environmental change under legal and regulatory uncertainty? What kind of policies could best address the conflict between the environment and the economy? Would China continue to grow at its current rate in a low-carbon economy?


我们看到了APEC Blue带给北京民众的喜悦,也同时意识到这样短期的环境改善背后巨大的行政成本和经济代价。怎样的环境政策和管理模式能够带来最佳的治理效果?在公共政策层面如何平衡结构调整和经济增长的矛盾?政府之外的民间组织、学者智库、和普通大众如何为中国经济社会的健康发展贡献力量?绿色经济应当是中国经济社会新常态不可或缺的组成部分。

Key Questions 

  • What is the status quo of China’s environment pollution?
  • What are some of the key challenges that the Chinese government and companies face in their combat to environmental pollution?
  • How is the Chinese government going to combat the environmental problem?

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