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Brown China Summit – Education Panel

An Unconventional Education Path

This panel will be in Mandarin.

In recent years, classrooms in all corners of China, both rural and urban, have been witnessing a constant change driven by national educational reform, under which course structure, national examination policy, and university admission policies have undergone several revisions. Meanwhile, people are taking rather unconventional approaches to address education in new formats for specific communities: some implement new concept in higher education; some emphasize the role of globalization and strive to diversify students’ profiles; some deliver primary education to underprivileged communities. Though their efforts may not yet have been recognized by society in general, they are nevertheless playing an increasingly important role in Chinese education. These unconventional approaches, to some extent, offer possibilities for the future direction of Chinese education. In the education panel, we invite guest speakers who have recently taken these unconventional approaches to address education in China to speak to the panel. We will listen to their personal stories, educational dreams, and reasons why they’ve taken an unconventional approach. We will learn about the challenges they have met and memories they have collected throughout their experience of striving for their educational dream.


Tingting Hu        ·        Jiapeng Wang        ·        Stanley Xu        ·        Hong Zheng


Edward Steinfeld

教育分会 – 一条非传统的教育梦之路

1. 分会介绍

近年来,随着教育改革的推动,中国城乡的各个角落都见证着教育的变化。从课程设置到大学录取政策,每一次改革都吸引着社会的目光。与此同时, 一群教育工作者正在非传统的道路上用他们自己的方式进行着探索和革新:有一些贯彻实行中国高等教育的新理念,有一些搭建国际化教育的平台,有一些利用非政府组织的平台将基础教育普及到贫困地区。这些理念也许还未成为当今社会教育方式方法的主流声音,但这些教育工作者毫无疑问地在中国教育领域中扮演着日趋重要的角色。这些非传统的教育方式,也为中国主流教育的未来提供了无限可能性。布朗中国峰会教育分会将邀请从事各种与众不同的教育事业的嘉宾讲述他们的故事:他们独特的教育梦,他们走上非传统教育路的初衷,他们在这条路上的收获与挑战等等。

2. 分会嘉宾

王嘉鹏         ·        郑洪        ·          胡婷婷        ·          徐烨

主持:Edward Steinfeld

3. 分会提纲

1) 中国教育整体环境在过去十年发生了怎样的变化?

2) 非政府教育组织,国际学校以及教育咨询及过这些新兴教育载体在教育改革中扮演着怎样的角色?

3) 心系祖国的海外学子应该如何参与到教育的改革创新中来?

4) “我的中国教育梦”是什么?

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