Media Panel 2017 传媒分论坛

“Be the Change We Want to See” 主导改变,引领前进


In China, emerging social media platforms are rapidly changing the way Chinese people interact on a day-to-day basis. Live streaming sites, such as Huajiao and Kuaishou, have pioneered this new, lucrative industry that has already revolutionized social media worldwide. Zhihu, the Chinese Quora, is replacing Baidu to become China’s go-to search engine. And video-sharing websites, such as Acfun and Bilibili, are rivaling the longstanding giants Youku and Tudou with their newest innovations.

在2016 年,新兴多媒体平台正在以前所未有的速度和规模指引着中国社会言论走向,改变着消费和营销模式和知识传播的路径。花椒快手等直播平台开启了一个新兴高利行业,让知名主播们日进斗金; 知乎 – 中国版Quora, 正逐步取代百度,成为更为人们信赖的搜索引擎; 更有哔哩哔哩等新兴视频网站率先推出了弹幕功能,成为人们的新宠。

In 2016, Facebook also launched a live streaming site. Although mainly used by celebrities for now, this site is expanding and gaining more attention. Why is there a trend toward these new forms of social media? Will the emergence of these new platforms impact existing ones? How has the inception of social media influenced politics in China, and how has the Chinese government responded? What impact does this have on China’s interaction and connectivity with the rest of the world? During the panel, we will discuss this evolving industry, examine the impact this new technology has had on the global economy, and analyze how social media will continue to shape the way we interact.

其他国家的媒体也在争相发展。脸书在2016 年也为其平台增加了直播功能,现在名人圈里小范围实验,继而扩大到其整个用户群。媒体能让趋向于分裂的世界更紧密的相连吗?这些新兴的媒体形式和功能将如何改变现有的传媒行业?他们有可能进一步影响中国政治吗?中国政府对此做出了哪些回应?新兴媒体是否可能作为中国与世界联系的桥梁之一?在传媒分论坛,我们将讨论这些新兴媒体形式与现存媒体形式的共性和差异。我们还将共同展望未来,讨论传媒行业的发展路径已及这一行业的发展将如何持续影响我们的生活。