Green Tech Panel 2017 新能源分论坛

“I’ve Seen the Future, and It Works” 驱动未来


The 2016 implementation of China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan places “Going Green” among its core focus areas with the goal of developing the environmental technology industry and promoting a culture of ecological living. This turning point is indicative of the international scrutiny of Chinese air and water quality resulting from its unprecedented economic growth in a time of climate uncertainty. Since 2006, China has been the world’s biggest emitter of CO2 and continues to construct of coal-fired power plants each year. Almost paradoxically, China is also the country investing the most capital in green technology. Chinese industry must now find a way to reconcile its reliance on industrial pollution with its emerging leadership in renewable energy.

2016 年开始实行的第十三个五年计划也将绿色环保作为核心发展目标之一,并提出积极发展环保科技产业,推崇与生态和谐共存的理念。在过去十几年间,中国高速经济发展总是伴随着严重的环境问题。从2006 年起,中国便成为世界上最大的二氧化碳排放国,并且不断建立煤矿发电站。但同时,中国也是世界上对绿色能源投资最多的国家。中国的企业需要更多的关注新能源才能在保持经济增长和维护环境的夹缝中生存。

What are some of the environmental problems caused by rapid economic growth? What can we do about them? To learn from the already countries with successful environmental protection policies such as England and Japan? Or do we tackle the problems in “the Chinese way”? Is it possible to achieve a new mode of development that is both environmentally and economically beneficial? This panel will tap into the problems and possible solutions of the path to a Greener China.