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教育分论坛 Education Panel

Bridging the gap between Chinese and Western education

This year’s BCS Education Panel will focus on the Chinese government’s efforts to bridge the gap between Chinese and Western education. In early 2013, the Chinese government launched an education reform program aimed primarily at alleviating students’ stress levels by reducing schools’ emphasis on standardized testing. The reforms stem from the increasingly liberal belief that an obsession with testing cultivates an unhealthy learning environment in which students lack creativity and lack an understanding of greater social issues. The high-pressure education style has also impacted students’ health, bringing about anxiety issues in many cases. This panel aims to cover the various methods of alternative education reform taking place across China, including, but not limited to: the 2+2 programs between Chinese universities and Western universities; the decentralizing of autonomy over education; the reduction of homework; and the development of new criteria by which to assess students.


Panel Format

1) Welcome!

The moderator will introduce each guest speaker as well as welcome both the guest speakers and the audience to BCS Education Panel.

2) Guest Speakers’ Speeches

We are expecting four guest speakers on the panel, and each will give a speech about his/her career in education for about 20 minutes. We would highly encourage guest speakers to use relevant pictures, photographs or other visual materials to enhance the interaction with the audience.

3) Questions and Answers with Guest Speakers

The moderator will take questions from the audience and direct them to the corresponding guest speakers.

4) Panel Discussion with Students

Students will be picked based on the following criteria:

  • Student who has been through 2+2 education program
  • Student who has been through the traditional Chinese education system
  • Student who attended high school in the US
  • Student who has experienced liberal arts or alternative education in China

5) Questions and Answers with Students

The moderator will take questions from the audience and direct them to the student panel.

6) Buffer Time

We will have a 5 minutes buffer time throughout the panel.


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