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Date: April 5th – 6th

Brown China Summit 2014 is a student-led event sponsored by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies. The summit aims to further develop communication among Chinese students in the New England area. Under the theme of “My Chinese Dream,” more than 15 guest speakers will talk about their experiences and stories in education, business, media, and art to inspire students about their future career paths. The Chinese Dream, an ideology that has been propagandized by China’s leaders, has always been a topic of debate in social media. The concept of the Chinese Dream has also been very fluid. In a way, the Chinese Dream has been seen as a vehicle embedding the ideology of the political party. However, such a view is open to personal interpretation on an individual level. As such, the summit does not limit the range of possible topics and allows speakers to define their own speeches. The summit provides the platform that guides the topics of conversation.