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艺术分论坛 Art Panel

Globalization is not Westernization

Chinese artists’ influence outside of China

How has globalization and East-West exchange influenced the work of Chinese artists? How have Chinese artists contributed to and shaped these discourses? This panel invites Chinese artists from various genres to discuss how globalization and China’s modernization have impacted their artistic styles and projects, as well as how they have seen their own art, and Chinese art in general, influence audiences and artists around the world.  For some artists, China’s transition its contemporary state has impacted the thematic character of their art, and in so doing has influenced global perspectives on art, genre, and Chinese art in particular.  For others, East-West exchange has both influenced the nature of their artwork and encouraged them to actively engage in cross-cultural artistic productions.  This panel seeks to understand how Chinese artists have used their work to inform global discourses surrounding contemporary art and modern society; additionally, it seeks to learn how modern Chinese artists view the impact of globalization on Chinese contemporary art and the role of Chinese art’s many aspects within the greater art world.  The panel consists of artists from several genres, including Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting, and Performance Art and Film; by calling on their varying perspectives, we hope to understand the vast and nuanced exchanges between Chinese art and the larger world.


Panel Format

The panel will be divided into four sections:

  • Welcome! (3 min)
  • Guest Speakers’ Speeches (~20 min each)
    • Moderator Discussion with guest speakers (~5 min each)
    • Audience Questions and Answers with Guest Speakers (20 min)
  • Buffer time (5 min)

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